Modern stock control

We have over 20,000sq feet of racking throughout our modern warehouse, holding hundreds of thousands of our clients printed items in stock.

All of the items we hold have their own unique barcode and pick station which is linked to the stock management module of our marketing software system ‘Colateral’.

This allows our clients to have real time access to the levels of stock they are holding, and also allows their stores to order call offs directly to set permissions.

Print on demand

Even with all of this
going on, we do not believe that this model of working is sustainable.

As part of our CSR policy we are actively helping our clients to move to a print on demand solution, believing that a “just in time” operating model is far superior to their current “just in case” stock
holding model.

We have recently helped one client to reduce their stock holding from 12,000 items down to 1,000 items. This has not only massively reduced their waste, but also reduced their spend dramatically.