The challenge

When covid restrictions hit, the main thing that our essential retail clients wanted to do was keep their shoppers safe.

We were asked to develop an innovative solution that would enable safety messaging to be communicated throughout their stores, plus be flexible enough to work across different store formats.

What we did

We created a first of its kind lollipop structure that enabled Covid safety messaging to be displayed at eye level, increasing the visibility of this important health and safety communication and working alongside floor vinyls.

The units were weather proof so could be used internally & externally – with 3D bases that could hold weights when required externally to hold them down.

The results

We designed, created, tested, manufactured and delivered an innovative safety messaging solution in time for essential retails re-opening. At the time, there was nothing else in the market from a POS solution that looked anything like it.

They were also designed and manufactured for longevity with the paddle part being removable & replaceable so messaging could be changed in a cost effective fast way.